The City of Rockdale strives to protect public health, safety and welfare by providing a safe and sanitary wastewater collection and treatment system. The department strives to operate and maintain the sanitary sewer system by:

  • Constructing improvements and repairs
  • Evaluating the system's condition
  • Identifying excessive infiltration and inflow into the system
  • Overseeing preventive maintenance of the wastewater collection and treatment system
  • Recording and reporting effluent quality and quantities in accordance with State regulations
  • Responding promptly to wastewater leaks
  • Using management practices that promote economy and efficiency
  • Using materials and chemicals to treat wastewater in accordance with Texas regulations

Wastewater System

The city’s wastewater treatment plant, located on Beverly Street, is permitted to treat up to 1,250,000 gallons per day. In addition, the city has about 271,000 linear feet (about 51.3 miles) of wastewater lines ranging in size from 6-24 inches. You as a homeowner are responsible for maintaining the lateral wastewater line from your house to the wastewater main, even though part of the line may be on public property. We suggest you check your insurance coverage to determine if it will pay for wastewater backups.


Grease can play havoc with the wastewater collection system. Please do not dispose of grease, fats or oils down the sink or toilet. View information on how to dispose of grease, fat and oils (PDF).

Water or Sewer Leak Categories

To view a chart of water or sewer leak categories (coming soon).