Brett Boren, Mayor

Hey y'all my name is Brett McKenzie Boren, born 1982 in Brownfield, TX. My story is more than a short bio. 

Starting off I was a wild child growing up! Loved to play around, throw a ball and just run all day. When I was about 7 years old, living in Marble Falls, my parents divorced so my mother, sister and I loaded up and took flight to England. Oh yeah...England...the Country! You see my mother is originally from England and her and my father met when he was enlisted in the United States Air Force. Settling into a foreign place as a young kid was hard. I become a older brother to my sister Erika, who is 2 years and 4 days younger than me, real quick. We lived in a small fishing village called Cockwood on the southern coast line of England. It was beautiful with a harbor full of boats, rolling coastlines and was the greenest placed I had ever seen!

During my youth in England I picked up “football”, joined a men’s fishing club, became a Boy Scout, and got to play baseball in the first European Little League World Series in Germany! That was pretty cool! 

About 3 years in we got to come back to the States and visit my father for the summer, who flew us into Cincinnati, OH. My father is originally from Middletown, OH. That first day back was the first time I got to meet my grandfather in person, and was also the first time my dad and grandpa had seen each other since he was a teenager. It was a summer to remember and lead me to the decision that it was in my best interest to move back and be closer to my dad. So when I was 13 years old, I moved to Ohio from England while Erika and my mom stayed.

I spent 1/2 a year in Lebanon, OH with my Aunt Sandy while my dad, who was employed at Dell in Round Rock, built a house for us. I moved to Round Rock once it was finished not knowing anyone going into my 8th grade year. That was difficult as up until this point my life was filled with friends. I quickly adapted and  learned to play American Football for the first time. It was different, but very competitive and I loved it!

I graduated from Round Rock High School in 2000 where I met a ton of new people, and became very active in the Community. I played 3 sports and travel ball on the weekends and was constantly busy! 

Like many 18 year old kids after high school  I was trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do. I spent some time in Arizona, came back Texas to go to Fire Academy, worked on the side, and eventually found a fun job at Brown Distributing (the local Bud Distribution Co.).  I spent several years there starting as a helper, working my way up to a driver, pedal-sales and onto pre-sales. I met a ton of people, learned a lot, and was honored as a top salesman several times.

I left Brown in 2008 to do something better but had no idea what that was! I just knew I wanted more. My more (at the time) was starting a landscaping company. Within a few months of getting it off the ground I was mowing 30 commercial properties and more than 60 residential lawns each month. I invested in myself and bought trucks, trailers and lots of equipment. It was a grind, but it was a way to make a living. This is where I learned how to become an entrepreneur.

Fast forward a few years, I got burned out and got a desk job enjoying some A/C! Following in my dad's footsteps I went to work at Dell. I was clueless about IT stuff! My dad had made a good living working for Dell and my sister was working for Sales Force up in San Francisco so I figured why not give it go! Luckily for all I wasn’t the IT guy! I started at the bottom all over again, but I had drive and great work ethic. My tenor at Dell was good. I made some good money and made even more friends.

While at Dell I started a catering company on the side. I had already been doing competition BBQ for a long time, but wanted to build my brand, so I stayed busy every weekend cooking for weddings, parties, and private parties. I did pop-ups on weekends I wasn’t catering or doing a competition. Every weekend I lived for nickname over the years become BBQ Brett!

One day during the spring of 2018 I woke up and told myself I’m going to start a BBQ joint. I had no idea how I was going to do it but I had an idea. That fall, after 20 years in Round Rock, I moved to Rockdale, TX. Literally knew a handful of folks. I trusted the individuals that allowed me an opportunity. I didn’t know at the time it would be where it is today.

Fast forward to 2021. My name is Brett McKenzie Boren - a Native Texan, hard working, community driven guy that likes to play with fire. Now I’m an elected official and I am here to serve you.

-- Brett Boren

Mr. Boren may be contacted by emailing

Brett Boren