Property Maintenance Standards

Owner Responsibilities

Property owners are responsible for:

  • Keeping any fence on the property in good repair, which includes maintaining vertical alignment and ensuring no broken or missing parts resulting in an opening of four inches or more exist
  • Keeping the area from the curb or unpaved roadway to the property line free of obstruction and mowed
  • Not placing any material or allowing the growth of vegetation to be taller than three feet within the visibility triangle
  • Not constructing fences higher than three feet in the visibility triangle
  • Placing fences around all pools and spas
  • Prohibiting the collection of any garbage, rubbish, trash, other refuse material, dirt, concrete, rocks or stagnant water into, upon or along any drain, gutter, alley, sidewalk, street, or vacant lot or land or upon any public or private premises


Signs in the city must have a permit issued. It is a violation of the city sign code to post any signs on a utility pole or right of way. The city prohibits off-premise signs for businesses. For more information about nuisances and property maintenance, consult the City of Rockdale Code of Ordinances.

For more information about city codes, contact the Code Official at 512-446-2511 or come by City Hall, 505 W Cameron Avenue.