Animal Control


The Animal Control Officer responds to calls involving animals at large, barking dogs, and removal of dead animals from public property and streets. The animal shelter is located at 290 Beverly Drive. To have a pet released or to adopt a pet, please call 512-446-3436.


The following are fees for when an animal is impounded at the animal shelter:

  • First time animal is impounded: $25 per day plus daily care costs
  • Second time animal is impounded: $50 per day plus daily care costs
  • Third time animal is impounded: $75 per day plus daily care costs
  • Quarantine fee: $25.00 per day
  • Dangerous dog registration: $50.00 per day
  • Rabies vaccinations*: $55.00 Brinlee's Vet Services or Veterinarian's cost
    *State law requires annual rabies vaccination.


It is the policy of the Rockdale Animal Control Department, under the supervision of City Manager to operate the city pound in compliance with state law. We are required to house unrelated dogs in separate kennels. By unrelated, it is meant dogs who come from separate locations/residences who are not accustomed to each other. There are a total of 12 cages for large dogs and 5 cages for small dogs, so when we reach this capacity we are full and, to be in compliance, we cannot house more. In order to accommodate animals which we must pick up in emergencies, we have to maintain empty kennels. These animals are often picked up at night or weekends by police officers when animal control is not working.

For the safety of the animals and police officers, we will only house 10 large dogs and 3 small dogs. When we exceed this capacity, we will notify PAWS and they can pick up the excess animals for adoption. If PAWS is unable to take the excess, the least adoptable who have been in the kennel for more than 72 hours may be euthanized. It is our hope that we don’t have to euthanize any animals and will work with PAWS and any reputable organization to save them, but we must stay in compliance with the law.

For the City of Rockdale's fee schedule click here

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