Road Improvements

Road Improvements

Street improvements are performed by either applying a chip seal overcoat or by laying down RAP (recycled asphalt pavement) or completely reconstructing the road base material and asphalt overlay. The 2009 tax notes are currently funding these projects. For more information about road maintenance and improvements, download a copy of the Rockdale Street Maintenance Guide.

Texas Department of Transportation Highway Improvement Projects in the area

 The following projects have been approved by the Texas Department of Transportation:


  • County Road 284 at Donahoe Creek-replace existing bridge
  • FM 1712 from U.S. 77 to FM 487-seal coat
  • US 190 from the Bell County line to 1.7 miles west of FM 486-rehabilitate existing road
  • US 190 from 1.7 miles west of FM 486 to the north city limits of Cameron-rehabilitate existing road
  • County road 355 (local road 428) at San Gabriel-replace existing bridge


  • FM 2269 from FM 485 to 0.3 mile north of U.S. 190-safety work: pavement widening
  • FM 486 4.0 miles southwest of U.S. 190 to 2.1 miles northeast of FM 487-seal coat
  • FM 437 from the Bell County line to FM 487-seal coat
  • US 190 from U.S. 77 south of Cameron to U.S. 79-seal coat alternate
  • FM 485 from FM 979 to Harls Creek-seal coat-alternate
  • FM 485 from Harls Creek to the Robertson County line-seal coat-alternate


  • FM 486 from County Road 412 to San Gabriel-seal coat
  • FM 486 from Turkey Creek to U.S. 79-seal coat
  • FM 487 from County Road 402 to 1.0 mile north of County Road 435-safety work: pavement widening


  • US 190 from U.S. 77 to U.S. 79-rehabilitate existing road
  • US 79 from 1.0 mile west of U.S. 190to U.S. 77-seal coat
  • US 79 from U.S. 190 (north) to 1.0 mile west of U.S. 190-seal coat
  • FM 2095 from FM 3242 to 0.6 mile north of U.S. 79 in Gause-restore existing road
  • County Road 398 (local county road 440) at Brushy Creek-replace existing bridge