The City of Rockdale offers business development incentives to prospective businesses including property tax abatements (PDF), Chapter 380 sales tax incentive agreements, and negotiated city permits and fees. A tax abatement application form (PDF) is available online.

Municipal Development District

The Rockdale Municipal Development District may assist in the acquisition of land or construction expenses associated with a new business venture that creates primary jobs.

Expedited Development Process

The City of Rockdale can expedite permit applications, plats or re-plats and governing body approval to assist businesses which are expanding or are considering locating to Rockdale.

Texas Capital Fund

The Texas Capital Fund is administered through the State of Texas, Department of Agriculture. The Texas Capital Fund provides funds to eligible applicants to help in creating jobs or retaining existing jobs, primarily for low-to-moderate income persons. The City of Rockdale is a non-entitlement community, thus making businesses in the City eligible for assistance from the Texas Capital Fund.

Texas Department of Agriculture Grants

The Texas Department of Agriculture has a variety of grants and services available that can assist with new businesses and existing businesses.

Texas Emerging Technology Fund

The Texas Emerging Technology Fund provides grants for research at Texas universities, assist companies with new technology and expedite innovative products into the marketplace.

Texas Enterprise Fund

The Texas Enterprise Fund provide incentives to companies which are also considering viable locations out-of-state. The fund is used only as a final incentive tool where a single Texas site is competing with another viable out-of-state option. Additionally, the TEF will only be considered to help close a deal that already has significant local support behind it from a prospective Texas community.

Texas HOME Program

Affordable housing is critical to the economic strength and quality of life in Texas communities. The Texas HOME Program helps local administrators meet affordable housing needs in the community. The Texas HOME Program awards grants and loans to eligible administrators to provide affordable housing assistance and services to eligible low-income families. Read more about the Texas HOME Program (PDF).

Texas PACE Program

The City of Rockdale’s Texas Property Assessed Clean Energy (TX-PACE) Program is an innovative financing program that incentivizes owners of commercial (including nonprofit, retail, healthcare and hospitality), industrial (including manufacturing and agricultural), and multifamily residential properties (with five or more dwelling units) to obtain low-cost, long-term financing for water conservation, energy-efficiency, renewable, and resilience retrofits.