Esme Ruelas-Olivares, Council Member

I'm humbled and honored to represent you all. I'm naturally optimistic, high-energy, and passionate about everything I do. Especially the things I care about most: my family, my children, my patients, and my community. I believe that diversity in representation makes us great. I believe our most profound challenges are not left nor right, East or West, rather than the most straightforward right from wrong. In electing me, you have said that you want a priority on safety, family values, and a continued search to bring health and wellness opportunities to our rural city.

For those who don't know me, I'm a Rockdale native. I grew up on the East Side and graduated from Rockdale High School in the year of Y2K. I later moved to San Antonio and attended San Antonio College. I married my high school sweetheart Jose Olivares and started a family. While I loved San Antonio, I felt the need to return to my hometown of Rockdale to raise my family in a safer family-friendly environment. I continued my education at Temple College and became a nurse. I love serving others as a nurse, but my all-time favorite title is "mom."   

I've lived in Rockdale for 13 years with my little family on the East Side. I've always been active in our community, from school to church to other organizations, and have served on various committees. I've worked in several capacities in my lifetime, from customer service, banking, loan processing, and nursing. I have a proven record for creating and maintaining productive professional partnerships, and I plan on continuing that for the betterment of Rockdale. In my time back here in Rockdale, I've been blessed with the best sense of community a mom can ask for. Where my kids have played on several little league teams and can still ride their bikes in the neighborhood, and I want to keep it that way for generations to come. We have three children, Tatiana, Luke, and Mateo, attending RISD.

We must all lead by example and advocate with action for our neighbors and together come up with ambitious and active plans to create the city we seek to live in and the Rockdale we deserve. Still, we must continue to be engaged in organizing, educating, and promoting everything we love about our small rural town. I stand firm as we fight to keep drugs off our streets and protect our family values, neighbors, children, planet, and community. I am proud and honored to represent you.

Lastly, I'm honored to have made history and be the first Latina Rockdale City Councilwoman. I'm excited about this opportunity, and I hope to continue to advocate for my fellow neighbors and be your voice while we preserve the Rockdale we love and balance the growth that is coming.

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