Fire Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant Flushing

Each month, the Public Works Department opens fire hydrants throughout the City and allows the water to flow through the pipes. The hydrant-flushing program is very important to the maintenance of the City's water system.

Flushing serves the following purposes:

  • Flushes sediments from mainline pipes (which enhances water quality)
  • Verifies the proper operation in the water system
  • Helps find weaknesses in the water system
  • Checks for closed valves and weak flows in the water mains
  • Verifies ample flow for fire fighting

Hints During Hydrant Flushing

  1. There may be a temporary drop in water pressure at this time.
  2. Water may be rusty or cloudy. Discolored water is not harmful and will clear up in a few hours.
  3. Fill a bottle with water and store it in the refrigerator to use for drinking or cooking.
  4. Flush your hot water tanks after the cold water clears.
  5. Do not wash white laundry during this period (wait until cold AND hot water are clear before laundering whites).

Hydrant Flushing Days

Fire Hydrants are typically flushed on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. The City anticipates beginning the flushing at 12:01 a.m.; however, this time is subject to change.

For additional information, download a copy of the Guide to Fire Hydrant Flushing (PDF)