Emergency Management

Emergency Management includes coordination of planning, preparation, mitigation, and response to natural and man-made disasters. Emergency Management also includes helping the citizens of Rockdale become informed about possible emergencies and preparing themselves and their families in case an emergency should occur.

Milam County emergency management is coordinated by the County Emergency Management Coordinator, Susan Reinders, at (254) 697-7000. State of Texas emergency management is coordinated through the Texas Department of Emergency Management. Federal emergency management operations and response is the responsibility of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

In case of Emergency Call 9-1-1 for Police, Fire or EMS

In an Emergency, Seconds Count.
Help Emergency Responders find your home.
Local made SIGN OPTIONS and ORDER FORM for an Address Number Sign for your Home.

Non-Emergency Services

For non-emergencies, access information on the city's police, volunteer fire departments and emergency medical services.
Rockdale Police Department at 512-446-3436
EMS - Emergency Medical Services
RVFD - Rockdale Volunteer Fire Department

American Medical Response

Emergency medical services are provided by American Medical Response (AMR). The City of Rockdale, City of Cameron and Milam County Commissioners Court have a joint contract with AMR to provide ambulance services to the cities and unincorporated areas of Milam County.

AMR provides advanced life services and transports patients to the closest hospital or medical facility equipped and staffed to handle the patient’s medical needs.

Emergency Helicopter Ambulance Service

Milam County has entered into an agreement to provide Milam County citizens with emergency helicopter ambulance service. PHI, our helicopter ambulance provider, will now transport any Milam County citizen without any charges beyond what their insurance pays. For those who have no insurance, there will be no charge.  This service applies to any Milam County citizen picked up in Milam County or in an adjacent County of Falls, Robertson, Lee, Burleson, Bell or Williamson County.

Stop by City Hall to pick up your PHI Membership Sticker.
Complete this form to Upgrade your household to Statewide Coverage.