Business Guide to Surviving COVID-19

Tips to Weather the Corona Virus & Grow to Meet the Challenges of an Evolving Market

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention"

Here are some tips and ideas on how your business can rise to the latest challenge.  

While the Corona Virus is affecting us and our businesses now, it is a good opportunity to implement new ideas that will put us in a stronger position tomorrow!  

I like the photo to the right .. because not only do we need to think outside the box -- we need to throw away any box that limits our thinking and constrains us against what is possible!

Thinking Outside the Box

1) Explore Alternatives to In-Person Meetings
Consider options such as FaceTime or Video Conferencing for local client meetings and especially for meetings in larger metropolitan areas which will pose a greater risk of exposure.  Figuring out how to do this now, may help you in expanding your service market as you will be able to "meet" with customers you previously hadn’t considered.

2) Be receptive to Alternate Schedules
Many employees are juggling kids at home and may need to alternate schedules with spouses or other family members. Your understanding now, will earn you major loyalty credits with your employees!

3) Consider allowing employees to Telecommute when possible
Obviously not every position can accommodate working from home, but ask your employees what tasks they could work on remotely.  You might be surprised at their innovation!  They may also have projects they’ve been meaning to do, but haven’t gotten around to amid their busy daily schedule.  
Even being able to telecommute part of the week or part of day is a valuable recruiting tool in today’s competitive employment market!

4) Take this time to Explore New Ideas and Business Practices
* Perhaps you’ve been thinking about adding Online Purchasing to your website -- take this time to update your website with products, set-up your Square, PayPal, Venmo or other online payment system.
* Maybe you’re considering adding Delivery Service -- THIS would be a great time to add that offering!

5) Watch Podcasts & Webinars on the Latest Trends and Marketing Opportunities
Here are a few Webinars I recommend from the Small Business Development Center.  The SBDC is also a great place to contact on how to incorporate new business strategies and services.  While the normally will set an appointment to meet with you in-person in Rockdale (usually at the Chamber Office), they are making plans to offer Video Conferencing meetings.

6) Build E-Marketing List by Data Entering your Client List
Be ready the next time you want to market directly to your customers, because they don’t always see your Facebook posts on their feed!

7) Schedule Posts on your Facebook Page
Did you know that if you have a Facebook PAGE, you can schedule a series of posts to go live at a future time?  Take time now to plan out your Facebook marketing so you can be ready to rock!

8) Boost your Facebook Page following
Use this time to invite more customers and friends to follow your page -- be sure to add new photos and posts to drive and retain engagement!          

9) Explore and Develop other Social Media Accounts
In addition to Instagram and LinkedIn, there are a plethora other social media platforms that could be used to market your business.  See this Article for information about different types based on your business type and target audience.  
Bonus: there might be a teenager around that could help you out with this too!!

Most of all: stay positive -- both in your own mindset, with your words, and on Social Media.  
And remember ... there is no box!